Thursday, July 7, 2011

Tournament Virginity - Part 1

So on the 26th of March I went in my first tournament. YAY.

I was scared actually because it meant I had to play against strangers and since coming back to warhammer I had only played 3 games with my Space Wolf army. Also I am the only girl I have actually ever seen play in the store and the only one in the tournament.
At least this was just a little tournament in my local GW and I knew a few of the people a little bit.

It was a 1500pts brothers in arms tournament so you are in a team with another person, you play seperate games but your scores count together at the end. There are three games where you get a Win, Lose or Draw and if the person would play you again. Then you display your army and they shop people give you points for painting. You also had to have 3 objective markers.

My first game I had to play my friend Tom who has Tyranids. It was Dawn of War deployment, control and capture with 3 objectives. I was going ok as the Tyranids had to roll something to be able to deploy and Tom kept failing up until about turn 3 when they all zoomed in and that annoying one that comes up from under the ground came up right in the middle of my main force of grey hunters right near my objective.

Then came the Genestealers! I hate those guys! My bloodclaws killed A LOT of them but not enought. We took ages to finish combat and so didn't get to go past the 4th turn when we ran out of time. We both had an objective and one was contested so it was a draw.

My brother in arms Max was using Iron Lords (Chaos Iron hands guys) and he drew in a game against Crimson Fists.

This is long so I will post the other battles seperately.
Here are some pics of my WIP objective markers for my Space Wolves.

I figure they are kinda like choosers of the slain birds. They are the dark eldar Razorwings.

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  1. Congrats on your first tournament! I haven't played a game since fourth edition, and no tournaments ever. Both partners having a draw game, what are the odds of that... about 1 in 9 I guess.