Monday, July 11, 2011

Tournament - Part 2

So my second battle was against Courtney's Deathguard terminator army.

This was a spearhead deployment with 5 objective markers.

I was a bit scared of this game because I had never really played against a terminator army and I have ZERO terminators in my army.

It turned out ok! My army was much faster, I also have a standard bearer and mark of the wulfen in each of my grey hunter squads which made my combat awesome.

It was going quite evenly until the 5th turn. A whole lot of my grey hunters were in combat with the terminators, some of my guys died so I removed them.

As you do I removed the ones that didn't have special weapons or abilities.

This took a few of mine out of base to base contact but as the combat had already started I was under the impression that as long as they were in B2B at the beginning they could still use their attacks. Courtney said that was wrong and as they were not in B2B they couldn't attack

That mean I lost that objective and then we were going to roll to see if there was a 6th turn but there wasn't enough time so I suggested we not bother and Courtney could be the winner.

I didn't argue about the B2B thing because it was my first tournament and about my 5th game of 40k ever. After the game ended I went and asked one of the store guys about it and he confirmed I was right, it just goes to show that you shouldn't doubt yourself and even if you're wrong and you contest someones decision you will learn the right thing, and I really think playing should be about fun and learning.

Also my Brother in Arms, Max, got smashed by the other Deathguard army he played in that round :(

Why has it taken me sooooo long to write these posts?

Because I have been working on this :)

The man is there for illustrative purposes I will be using a much cooler model in the finished product. Also this is an annoying brittle fiddly thing to put together BUT HOW COOL IS IT!

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  1. The model looks great I can't wait to see more progress.