About Me

Hello I'm Holly.

Twenty-something I.T Analyst/Drone by day.
By night I am a constant creator, werewolf addict, Make up collector, nail polish and perfume obsesssed, fabric and yarn horder, I.T drone, etsy seller and Space Wolves Warhammer player.

This blog is the chronicaling of my re-induction into the legions of warhammer.
After messing around with Chaos fantasy armies in high school I knew what Warhammer was all about but fell out of it due to other commitments(school, work, concerts)
Ten years later I am 26 and see a picture of some Space Wolves and think they look cool and begin my adventure into 40k.

This blog is not affiliated with Games Workshop at all. Not one bit ok.
This blog is written by me, for me and are just my opinions. If you disagree with something I write, that's fine, I disagree with things all the time. Disagree and comment all you like, just don't be rude about it or I will delete your comment.  Being fairly new to 40k I woudn't take what I say too seriously they are just my thoughts and ideas. If you want to use anything from my blog I will probably let you, just email me first.


FPS games (Halo, Borderlands, Dead Space) as well as fighting games with sexy guys(Soul Calibur, Tekken) Watching heavy metal shows, Going to goth clubs, painting and Playing Warhammer, reading, knit and crochet, screen printing, acrylic casting, drawing and painting, make up, nail polish, costume and fashion design.

Favorite TV Shows:

Dr Who, Supernatural, Battlestar Galactica, Criminial Minds, Law & Order Criminal Intent, Bones, Stargate, X-files, True Blood, IT Crowd, Extras, Might Boosh, Invader Zim, Trigun, Evangelion, Most Haunted, Ghost Hunters/International.

Favorite Music:

Dissection, Bathory, Watain, Katatonia, My Dying Bride, blind guardian, lot of other black metal and assorted metal, a lot of classical music (not post modern, or modern) a bit of powernoise/industrial/darkwave/ebm/

Favorite Authors:

JRR Tolkien, JK Rowling, Laurell K. Hamilton, Dan Abnett, Max Brooks, Michael Chriton, Stephen King, Orwell