Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Custom Dice! Also I got hit by a car!

So I was going to post this awesome huge post about the cool new eldar test mini I had finished and my new custom dice that I picked up from a friend yesterday.

Unfortunately on the way from my friend house where I had been painting for a few hours I was crossing the road and was hit by a taxi. I am ok with just a few minor injuries. I flew threw the air and landed on the ground so I pretty much hurt all over (You can read more here if you like.)

I was carrying a bag full of paints and minis so after I realized I wasn't dead and had crawled off the road I was like screaming and crying (due to totally shock at nearly being killed!) about 'where is my bag, my wolves?' oh dear I held on to the bag in the ambulance and the emergency room.

So instead of a huge amazing post you get some (bad iphone) pics of my cool new custom dice from Chessex. Better pics to come when my hands aren't smashed up :(