Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Tournament - Part 3

The third game was after lunch and was based on who got what type of scores in the first games.
So we all stood around waiting to see who would have to play who. I was fairly confidant due to my suckage in the first two games that I wouldn't have to play any of the really good people.
I was a bit nervous because so far I had been able to play people I knew fairly well and I didn't want to play a total stranger as I am still pretty much a newbie.

This game was pitched deployment annihilation YAY my favorite.

So they drew the names and the only pair of pretty young kids drew Max an I, they were about 12 or 13 and one kid practically cried when he found out and then got even more upset when he drew me and had to face the Space Wolves rather than the Iron Lords.

He was playing a blood angels army so don't know what he was worried about.
Clearly this kid had not seen my previous games and was worried for no reason.
Also he had this.....

A Furioso Dreadnought, I didn't really know the rules for this, I find playing hard at the moment only because I don't really know all the rules of the other armies.

So I thought I killed a dreadnought in the last game I will smash this one in the face.
Not realizing of course that this guy has some mental rule about every attack that lands and is not saved he gets another attack or something like that.

So this guy by himself pretty much killed all my Grey Hunters and Wolf Lord.
The remnants of my army where killed in the face by Astorath :'(
So another loss to me.

Brother in arms, Max SMASHED the other kid who had a demon army, so that was at least something.

Monday, July 11, 2011

Tournament - Part 2

So my second battle was against Courtney's Deathguard terminator army.

This was a spearhead deployment with 5 objective markers.

I was a bit scared of this game because I had never really played against a terminator army and I have ZERO terminators in my army.

It turned out ok! My army was much faster, I also have a standard bearer and mark of the wulfen in each of my grey hunter squads which made my combat awesome.

It was going quite evenly until the 5th turn. A whole lot of my grey hunters were in combat with the terminators, some of my guys died so I removed them.

As you do I removed the ones that didn't have special weapons or abilities.

This took a few of mine out of base to base contact but as the combat had already started I was under the impression that as long as they were in B2B at the beginning they could still use their attacks. Courtney said that was wrong and as they were not in B2B they couldn't attack

That mean I lost that objective and then we were going to roll to see if there was a 6th turn but there wasn't enough time so I suggested we not bother and Courtney could be the winner.

I didn't argue about the B2B thing because it was my first tournament and about my 5th game of 40k ever. After the game ended I went and asked one of the store guys about it and he confirmed I was right, it just goes to show that you shouldn't doubt yourself and even if you're wrong and you contest someones decision you will learn the right thing, and I really think playing should be about fun and learning.

Also my Brother in Arms, Max, got smashed by the other Deathguard army he played in that round :(

Why has it taken me sooooo long to write these posts?

Because I have been working on this :)

The man is there for illustrative purposes I will be using a much cooler model in the finished product. Also this is an annoying brittle fiddly thing to put together BUT HOW COOL IS IT!

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Tournament Virginity - Part 1

So on the 26th of March I went in my first tournament. YAY.

I was scared actually because it meant I had to play against strangers and since coming back to warhammer I had only played 3 games with my Space Wolf army. Also I am the only girl I have actually ever seen play in the store and the only one in the tournament.
At least this was just a little tournament in my local GW and I knew a few of the people a little bit.

It was a 1500pts brothers in arms tournament so you are in a team with another person, you play seperate games but your scores count together at the end. There are three games where you get a Win, Lose or Draw and if the person would play you again. Then you display your army and they shop people give you points for painting. You also had to have 3 objective markers.

My first game I had to play my friend Tom who has Tyranids. It was Dawn of War deployment, control and capture with 3 objectives. I was going ok as the Tyranids had to roll something to be able to deploy and Tom kept failing up until about turn 3 when they all zoomed in and that annoying one that comes up from under the ground came up right in the middle of my main force of grey hunters right near my objective.

Then came the Genestealers! I hate those guys! My bloodclaws killed A LOT of them but not enought. We took ages to finish combat and so didn't get to go past the 4th turn when we ran out of time. We both had an objective and one was contested so it was a draw.

My brother in arms Max was using Iron Lords (Chaos Iron hands guys) and he drew in a game against Crimson Fists.

This is long so I will post the other battles seperately.
Here are some pics of my WIP objective markers for my Space Wolves.

I figure they are kinda like choosers of the slain birds. They are the dark eldar Razorwings.