Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Tournament - Part 3

The third game was after lunch and was based on who got what type of scores in the first games.
So we all stood around waiting to see who would have to play who. I was fairly confidant due to my suckage in the first two games that I wouldn't have to play any of the really good people.
I was a bit nervous because so far I had been able to play people I knew fairly well and I didn't want to play a total stranger as I am still pretty much a newbie.

This game was pitched deployment annihilation YAY my favorite.

So they drew the names and the only pair of pretty young kids drew Max an I, they were about 12 or 13 and one kid practically cried when he found out and then got even more upset when he drew me and had to face the Space Wolves rather than the Iron Lords.

He was playing a blood angels army so don't know what he was worried about.
Clearly this kid had not seen my previous games and was worried for no reason.
Also he had this.....

A Furioso Dreadnought, I didn't really know the rules for this, I find playing hard at the moment only because I don't really know all the rules of the other armies.

So I thought I killed a dreadnought in the last game I will smash this one in the face.
Not realizing of course that this guy has some mental rule about every attack that lands and is not saved he gets another attack or something like that.

So this guy by himself pretty much killed all my Grey Hunters and Wolf Lord.
The remnants of my army where killed in the face by Astorath :'(
So another loss to me.

Brother in arms, Max SMASHED the other kid who had a demon army, so that was at least something.

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