Sunday, February 20, 2011

40k Bases - Ice Bases

Sorry everyone but I really hate flocked bases, and I really dislike that grit people stick on.
One of my other base dislikes is that weird fluffy looking snow.

I guess if you are making a whole army quite quickly flocking and little rocks is really the best looking fastest way. I still don't like them.

So, since I am taking my time with my army construction/painting and since Space Wolves home world of Fenris is an awesome chunky ice rock, I figured I would use my skills to make some resin ice bases.

I did look around online and find a few ok snow/ice bases by they didn't have the icy glacial look I was after.

I am entering a Lukas the Trickster mini in a little painting comp at out local GW and thought it would be a good time to make the ice bases so Lukas could have an epic massive one.

I'm not sure if I should stick these to a normal black base or what next, but am so happy with how they turned out.

Any comments or suggestions?


  1. These look really good I approve!!. =)

  2. Fantastic!Did you make them?Or are they bought?

  3. @Luis, thanks, I made them, sculpted them then made a mold then cast resin into the mold

  4. Those look seriously cool. I would look at putting them on a base if you're going to do tournament play, but if you're casual gaming they'll be fine as they are. Something else which could be cool is to have them emerging from snow on terrain pieces. To get a less "fluffy" snow you can try mixing the fine stuff with water effect.

  5. @Bellum I was actually thinking that I would put them on those bases that have recesses in them.
    I plan to put a terrain piece together with some of the larger ones for a squad entry to GD next year :)

  6. nice one. make sure you post some images when you're done :)

  7. good work, I like much your bases.
    The colors return well.


  8. i love the blue ton that u got on this. can u make a tutorial on how you did them ? and id put them on a black base to give them a nice contrast and to be able to play them as well.