Tuesday, October 18, 2011

We interupt your scheduled broadcast for.....

Well I have done no Warhammer this week just past. :(
No painting as my light above my painting desk blew up
No playing as I was sick and/or at work or college. Boo!
I did get to go to a really fun Medical themed goth night club.

I made some awesome cuts on myself for it and then wrote a tutorial about it here.

Here is my licking my wounds Bwhahaha!
Seriously tho that fake blood is mint flavour!

Back to Warhammer in my next post as my friend came and changed my light on Sunday and I am going into the city GW to smash some Iron Warriors on Thursday night Woo!


  1. Very nice outfit. Thanks for the tutorial also.

    Please smash those Iron Warriors good being that they are the Imperial Fists arch enemies I have a particular dislike for them haha.

  2. Thanks! I will try my hardest, I usually beat this particular army so it shouldn't be an issue to fulfill your wish haha

  3. Yay battle report in the future? or at least more pictures. =)

  4. @warflake: Unfortunately I lost, fortunately it was to my friends DeathGuard not Iron Lords.

    @Drkmorals: I am going to write my first battle report about the game I just lost Yay :/ hahah!