Sunday, October 23, 2011

No battle report but some Dreadfleet pics

Welllll............ I was going to write my battle report today about my lil game against the Deathguard but it was reallllly hot today.

The hotness is relevant as my PC is in my bedroom which has no air con but my painting desk is in the lounge room right underneath the air con!

So instead of typing in the heat, I painted some water in the nice cool air.

These are the bases for the Kracken and the High Elf ship and dragon. I am going to see which turns out better then enter the best one in a painting competition in my local GW store this weekend. I'm hoping the elf ship will turn out awesome as I am going to do some colour transition wet blending on the sails.

I will write battle report in my lunch break at work tomorrow in the nice cool office.

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