Thursday, April 5, 2012

40k in 40 mins!

So our friday night games club has been doing 40k in 40mins. I totally love this as I really get into playing small and fast. (it's also a bit easier strategically for a newb like me with less everything to worry about)

My first round was against stupid plauge marines! I HATE THEM.

My last surviving model, good Old mark of the wulfen!

Next game was against space wolves, so I didn't mind loosing. It was my first time playing against lone wolves, I have never fielded them before either so it was interesting, they are cool!
Alex and I had similar lists but he had more Long fangs hahaha!

The yellow guys are Alexs, there are more of them hahaha!

My Standard Bearer FOR RUSS!

My last game was against Grey knights, I lost but turned out his list wasn't legal. Also my log fangs couldn't kill any of the Terminators but one died from a bolter shot HAHAHAHAHA!

Surrounded by plauge! :o


  1. Ah good old 40k in 40 minutes.

    I have to say sometimes I miss being inundated in Swarms of Boyz and watching Grey Hunters hold their own throughout the game.

    On another note, awesome looking wolves and wholeheartedly jealous of the terrain. Everything from your models to your opponents down to the terrain is spectacular.

    Keep fighting the good fight and soon enough you'll be able to Oxi Clean the Nurgle's rot out :-).

  2. Your wolves look great! I piggybacked from a friends blog list across the world here to find yours. Good to know the Sons of Russ are fighting the good fight across the galaxy!