Thursday, January 19, 2012

Space Wolf Venerable Dreadnaught

Seriously, is this not the hottest thing ever?
Actually I think all the Forgeworld Venerable Dreadnaughts are amazing.
I have had my guy for a while but was procrastinating about putting him together because I had not decided on the arms yet.

I finally bit the bullet and picked a plasma cannon and CCW.
His body is magnetized to his legs and his arms will be magnetized so he can swap weapons.

At this point in time I am trying to pin the CCW arm so that it can swing and I don't have to glue it in. I am also unsure about the head and am wondering what other kind of head might look cool.

Any ideas?

Things have been quiet on the warhammer front due to illness, then christmas, then holiday (where I swam with sharks! YEAH!) and then when I got back from holidays the lights over my painting table had blown and I can't reach to replace them.
A friend came over and fixed them and now I am painting and building my face off.

I don't think I will be buying much new stuff for a long time which is sad, and mainly due to the pic below.

Yup that is my car. yes it is smashed. It was my fault and is going to cost a fair bit to fix :(
Oh well at least no one was hurt right?!


  1. THAT is a serious dent...

    But penso positivo, less to buy is more to twiddle down lead mountain (which is a matra I reapeat for 10 odd years nw and believe me, it`s just that, words)

  2. Ouch. Disappointed no-one was hurt as that's what keeps me in a job (kidding).

    Nice dread, I'm in the middle of my Contemptor at the moment. Struggling with arms too, have two Kheres Assault Cannons, a CCW and a Plasma gun to choose from. This might be when I start learning to use magnets.

    1. Magnets are the best I even magnetize all my terminators! You aren't an evil insurance person are you? hahaha

  3. Use magnets to mount different weapon options.
    A greeting from Spain.

    I hope my English is more or less good for you to understand what I wanted to say ^ ^

    1. Your English is good. But I have already used magnets on the arms to be able to swap weapons (I mentioned in my post)
      I just could not decide on which weapons I wanted to begin with :)

  4. Okei

    Is that my English is not very good and I have enough trouble understanding your post. now time to paint the dreadnought and see how you have left!

  5. You can try magnetising the parts you're not sure about, it allows more flexibility and you will be able to use these parts alternatively.

    1. They are magnetized which I mention above :)
      I just couldn't decide which weapons to start with