Thursday, September 22, 2011

My First Apocalypse

There is nothing quite as exciting in a girls life than her first Apocalypse battle.
Lucky for me, mine did not have to be in a GW store with a bunch of kids.

I was playing at Midian games club.
Midian is a cool warehouse where a bunch of awesome creative people live.
At the moment they are playing a huge involved game with many 40k battles as well as Rogue Trader RPG.

I was involved in a game 4k pts a side. Chaos Maries and traitor Guard defending a claimed imperial city.
Sisters, Spacewolves and loyalist guard invading to try to take back the city.

Having been pulled into this at the last miniute I only had my normal 100pts list I use for small games. 1 Razor back being my only transport and 1 squad of long fangs my only heavy weapons.

Needless to say I sort of sucked at the start as the board was MASSIVE and I couldn't just run towards the battle (my usual SW tactic) because of all the artillery fire going on.

(that isn't even the whole thing! I cut off part of the left hand side!)

We didn't actually have all the things on the list that we were playing with, some people frown on that but a lot of these poeple where new or building their armies. Also as part of the larger story we could only use guard and space marines.

The guy who lives at Midian and is running this big thing is Herbie (a total creative genius) called apon his great 'Army of Proxy' which is impressive and amazing.

(Army of proxy looks pretty big and not all of it is there are there are about 7k pts worth on the table atm.)

(put it in perspective with Herbie, Stephan and Matt and it looks MASSIVE)

The game was fun as on my side I had Herbie who is mega skilled in 40k, Matt who is more of an RPGer but knows a bit about 40k and in true 'Holly' fashion I have forgottent he 3rd guys name. He is new to 40k but played a lot of Flames of War so was a good strategist.

It was a kill points mission which is my favourite but as I was slow into battle my wolf lord on thunderwolf only got to murder lots of stuff on the last turn :(

The long fangs did kill some stuff but the razorback sucked and got blown up pretty much immediately.

After a huge nurgle tank with a puss cannon exploded and pretty much killed most of both sides Imperium won in the end :)

I took some less lame pictures on my camera which I will upload later as my army looked the best and was the only one that actually had minis for what was on the list hahahaha!

Also I corrected a lot of people on rules which was cool. I sometimes doubt my rules knowledge and it can be hard with loud annoying people who think they know what they are talking about, as a newbie and a girl I feel shy about contesting peoples knowledge but I find if you are polite and informative about it people who are not wankers are happy to know what the actual rules are :)

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  1. sounds cool i need me some apocalypse battle soon enough i will play one i hope. Can we see some pics ?