Friday, September 21, 2012

Back for the Attack - Redoing the wolves!

Well I am back after a hiatus! 
Work/life/stress/money was keeping me away from updating this.
I think also I was a bit annoyed at my army, I wasn't playing or painting.

I have decided to redo my space wolves entirely into something a bit more interesting and original.
So I decided I would make them 'Rune Wolves' after totally falling in love with the Rune Priests in Prospero Burns.

So they all have bare heads, a lot have wolf pelts and cloaks lots of skulls/chains/tokens hanging off them, and most importantly a large amount of them have cloaked legs. I have used Dark Angel legs (yes I know it's practically heresy considering how much they hate each other ahahah!) I am really liking how they look.

Colour wise I am going for a purpley dark blue metallic, sort of Nightlords but not. The robes will be bone colour and there will be lots of bronze and gold trims.
Here is a test model, not 100% right but heading in the right direction.
Another reason I haven't been doing much warhammer is I have been painting a few things that are not warhammer. A friend and I have been having a little competition where we both buy the same model and then we paint it how we like and see what we end up with.

The most recent are these Moon Worms from Schell Studio, I love all this guys work.
 These busts are actually 12 inches high!
Mine is the left one
 Two more little things to talk about
1. I played space hulk for the first time! It was stressful, of course I chose marines hahaha!
    Playing a game with times turns was very hard!
2. I got a new tattoo! It was drawn from scratch by my friend Paul Abstruse who is a published comic book artist, he also tattooed it. Ironman is from my hip to my knee on my left thigh. I love it and I can't wait to get it coloured in two weeks Wooooooooooo!

Me losing at Space Hulk
Ironman thigh!

Saturday, April 7, 2012

Holly the Grey Hunter

We had a dress up house warming the other week which was 'nerd' theme.
My housemate dressed as a pikachu and I decided to wear my comfy space wolf outfit.
This picture is with my pet snake :)

Thursday, April 5, 2012

40k in 40 mins!

So our friday night games club has been doing 40k in 40mins. I totally love this as I really get into playing small and fast. (it's also a bit easier strategically for a newb like me with less everything to worry about)

My first round was against stupid plauge marines! I HATE THEM.

My last surviving model, good Old mark of the wulfen!

Next game was against space wolves, so I didn't mind loosing. It was my first time playing against lone wolves, I have never fielded them before either so it was interesting, they are cool!
Alex and I had similar lists but he had more Long fangs hahaha!

The yellow guys are Alexs, there are more of them hahaha!

My Standard Bearer FOR RUSS!

My last game was against Grey knights, I lost but turned out his list wasn't legal. Also my log fangs couldn't kill any of the Terminators but one died from a bolter shot HAHAHAHAHA!

Surrounded by plauge! :o

Sunday, March 11, 2012

not much warhams

So I have hardly touched warhammer since I got run over.
Life and sickness getting heaps in the way. I amso excited to get some thunderwolves from GW this week though! YAY. Even though I have practically every other non GW thunderwolf model you can get, I doubt you can have too many wulfs!!

Silver lining on getting squashed by a cab, I got new flash wheels!!

I love them, though they are much heavier than my old spoked kind.

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Custom Dice! Also I got hit by a car!

So I was going to post this awesome huge post about the cool new eldar test mini I had finished and my new custom dice that I picked up from a friend yesterday.

Unfortunately on the way from my friend house where I had been painting for a few hours I was crossing the road and was hit by a taxi. I am ok with just a few minor injuries. I flew threw the air and landed on the ground so I pretty much hurt all over (You can read more here if you like.)

I was carrying a bag full of paints and minis so after I realized I wasn't dead and had crawled off the road I was like screaming and crying (due to totally shock at nearly being killed!) about 'where is my bag, my wolves?' oh dear I held on to the bag in the ambulance and the emergency room.

So instead of a huge amazing post you get some (bad iphone) pics of my cool new custom dice from Chessex. Better pics to come when my hands aren't smashed up :(

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Space Wolf Venerable Dreadnaught

Seriously, is this not the hottest thing ever?
Actually I think all the Forgeworld Venerable Dreadnaughts are amazing.
I have had my guy for a while but was procrastinating about putting him together because I had not decided on the arms yet.

I finally bit the bullet and picked a plasma cannon and CCW.
His body is magnetized to his legs and his arms will be magnetized so he can swap weapons.

At this point in time I am trying to pin the CCW arm so that it can swing and I don't have to glue it in. I am also unsure about the head and am wondering what other kind of head might look cool.

Any ideas?

Things have been quiet on the warhammer front due to illness, then christmas, then holiday (where I swam with sharks! YEAH!) and then when I got back from holidays the lights over my painting table had blown and I can't reach to replace them.
A friend came over and fixed them and now I am painting and building my face off.

I don't think I will be buying much new stuff for a long time which is sad, and mainly due to the pic below.

Yup that is my car. yes it is smashed. It was my fault and is going to cost a fair bit to fix :(
Oh well at least no one was hurt right?!

Monday, January 9, 2012

Amazing Dark Eldar Art

Yes Yes, I know I am supossed to be posting stuff about all the awesome 40k stuff I go in the mail over the holidays but lately I have been so in love with these artworks that I wanted to post a bit about the super artist BeckJann from Canada.

If you play DE and are interested in 40k online you have probably seen his art, If you read 40k blogs or are in the 40k groups on Deviant Art you definitley should be familiar with it.

Beckjanns art is not all 40k but the 40k part is my fav. This art has caused me to buy my friends unpainted DE army he is selling(oh no 3rd army already?!) So I thought I should post some here in case there are people who haven't seen it.

Go check out his DA Profile