Friday, September 21, 2012

Back for the Attack - Redoing the wolves!

Well I am back after a hiatus! 
Work/life/stress/money was keeping me away from updating this.
I think also I was a bit annoyed at my army, I wasn't playing or painting.

I have decided to redo my space wolves entirely into something a bit more interesting and original.
So I decided I would make them 'Rune Wolves' after totally falling in love with the Rune Priests in Prospero Burns.

So they all have bare heads, a lot have wolf pelts and cloaks lots of skulls/chains/tokens hanging off them, and most importantly a large amount of them have cloaked legs. I have used Dark Angel legs (yes I know it's practically heresy considering how much they hate each other ahahah!) I am really liking how they look.

Colour wise I am going for a purpley dark blue metallic, sort of Nightlords but not. The robes will be bone colour and there will be lots of bronze and gold trims.
Here is a test model, not 100% right but heading in the right direction.
Another reason I haven't been doing much warhammer is I have been painting a few things that are not warhammer. A friend and I have been having a little competition where we both buy the same model and then we paint it how we like and see what we end up with.

The most recent are these Moon Worms from Schell Studio, I love all this guys work.
 These busts are actually 12 inches high!
Mine is the left one
 Two more little things to talk about
1. I played space hulk for the first time! It was stressful, of course I chose marines hahaha!
    Playing a game with times turns was very hard!
2. I got a new tattoo! It was drawn from scratch by my friend Paul Abstruse who is a published comic book artist, he also tattooed it. Ironman is from my hip to my knee on my left thigh. I love it and I can't wait to get it coloured in two weeks Wooooooooooo!

Me losing at Space Hulk
Ironman thigh!


  1. Was wondering what happened!

    Nice work on the painting front and can't wait to see what the Wolves will turn out like.

    Also, very nice ink for the Iron Man, another must see.

    Best of luck.

  2. Tattoos and space hulk! I am definitely following this blog. Currently selling my converted space hulk Ultramarines :( a sad day. but daddy needs a new set of contemptors!
    Come and have a look at my stuff for making tanks dirty and half finishing massive projects. lol